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Aplikasi Rental Buku dengan VB 6.0 dan Access 2003
Aplikasi Rental buku terdiri dari beberapa Form sesuai dengan fungsinya masing-masing ; Aplikasi ini terdiri dari :     * Form Kasir     * Form Input data Buku
    * Form Input Data Anggota
    * Form Transaksi Peminjaman Buku
    * Form Transaksi Pengembalian buku     * Form Rincian
    * Report Data buku, Anggota dan Stok Buku Download Aplikasi Via 4Shared Disini Download Sourcode Aplikasi DOWNLOAD

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$1,500.00 US

Latest Water Proof Camera

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A time in which technology has accustomed us to do just about annihilation we want. This is absolutely accurate for photography. A hundred years ago, you had to angle still for several account to yield a account and you would not accept fun aggravating to yield that camera underwater. But with the modern day apparatus of waterproof agenda cameras, you can do that and more. Isn’t technology cool? In this article, I will allocution about waterproof agenda cameras and what they can action you. Who knows? By the end of this article, you may be on your way out of the aperture to aces up your own waterproof camera!.

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